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Your Tweet of Kim

  • 12:42 @VividMuse puppy not allowed eat house. BAD puppy. No cookie. #
  • 12:57 It's @Beq's fault that I now ponder the origins of the phrase "Dang Skippy". #
  • 18:47 Watching a keyboard player take a try at the theremin. #AFASocial #
  • 18:51 @etherius Dude - not just diamond. GASSEOUS diamond. #
  • 19:03 Tonight's incredibly long-named quartet at the #AFASocial - twitpic.com/otl0e #
  • 19:40 And, of course, the great Jason Smeltzer on electronics. #AFASocial twitpic.com/otqmn #
  • 20:03 Almost like an air raid on the moon. Improvisational Jazz at the #AFASocial - Lackawanna Ave Scranton twitpic.com/otu1r #
  • 20:07 Half an hour later, piece number two ends. (Hee hee) #AFASocial #
  • 20:17 @Mainframe Dude, the number of times GL came up in conversation today was WEIRD. Also, look: twitpic.com/otw4g #

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