Chasing the Cat

I have been explaining to random various persons that there is one thing I am most worried about in training the ‪puppy‬: DO NOT CHASE THE CAT.

What happens tonight?

I catch the cat chasing the dog.

Dude, I give up.

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*waves enthusiastically*

I'm back from ConTata 7 (and Balticon 48), and somehow in the midst of that I found awesome people who are still using LiveJournal.

Numerous things have happened, but I managed to get back (Yay!) although I have to reconstruct the content, so you'll still find more information about me at the SSDWC or on Geek Pantheon.

I also have a digital EP, called Flying Imperative over at Bandcamp. It's kind of related to this old T-shirt you can buy. There's also a WWGKD shirt.